Use Photography, Video, and Design as part of your EPIC total marketing campaign.

Many entrepreneurs and small businesses are losing ground against more tech savvy competitors. Without a healthy social media, web, and mobile presence your company may be out of business in the next few years.

Learn how to integrate your current efforts with a cutting edge digital media campaign.
  • tell your story with high end photography and video
  • become a magnet for your targeted customer
  • implement the strategies of social media marketing
  • optimize your website SEO and lead acquisition
  • understand your advertising ROI
  • build a community of dedicated customers
Our mission is to provide the strategy, content, and tools needed for an effective Digital Media Campaign. We make cool stuff so you can make more money.
To learn how to apply the 4 step process contact us for a free Marketing Food Chain consultation. Become King of your digital media jungle.

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This is our process

The Marketing Food Chain was developed to help you connect your business with your potential customers. The strategy is very similar to the natural food chain. Each step helps feed the next until you reach the top of the food chain. It is our job to take you up through the ranks until you become the King/Queen of you very own jungle. Use Bait, Hunting, and Farming to EAT!! Click the tabs above and after each step you become that much closer to reaching your goal. Most business have two goals in common; make more profits and spend less time working. By following these 4 effective strategies ANY business can reach their goals. The Marketing Food Chain system shows you how to BAIT to attract your clients. People are visual and by using Visual Content you grab their attention and get them engaged. Then you have to HUNT down you customers. Understand where the hang out and consume content. Be there, provide value, and get them back to your home base. Home base is where you can FARM your potential clients. Keep them around by using different strategies to get them to want to stay. Now it’s time to EAT. You’re at the top of the food chain, so now you want your lead to become repeat customers and bait for other leads.
Creative visual content is what you will use as bait. Two main forms of visual content are photography and video. When paired with persuasive copy and eye catching design you have the perfect system to attract leads. Your content is what defines your branding and tells your story. Great storytelling is key to building a fan base and converting those fans into customers.   The goal is to get potential customers to notice you and then become engaged with your business. You want them to be so engaged that they decide to take action. We specialize in photography and video services. We provide creative direction, idea generation, and identity design. Once you have your bait its time to hunt down your leads.
Promotion is what puts your great content to use. The key to any good hunt, is knowing where to find your leads and to understand their habits. You also have to know what bait to use. Social media is common sense to most people now but the key is to use the right networks for your industry and not get lost trying to use every new thing that comes out.   Get involved with forums, blog sites, mailing lists, network groups, and of course the popular social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. You can use paid advertising or grow organically. The bottom line is that you are going where there are a lot of people who you can potentially do business with are trying to bring them back to your home base.
Once you have these leads back at you home base it is time to grow them into customers by using the farming strategy. Your website should have some type of way to learn more about what you have to offer and easily contact you. Blogging is one of the best ways to keep your customers engaged and coming back for value. Another important point is to set up an email marketing strategy. There are various ways you can get leads to opt-in. This is important for top of mind awareness.   Then it’s all about continuing to provide value for your customers. Shareable information is great for organically growing your fan base. Having a good farm means you will always have a steady stream of customers. Contact me for a Free Consultation on how to farm your clients and eventually EAT!
It this not why we are here?? I’m trying to eat. Conversion rates, split testing, ROI, sales cycles, e-mail templates, are all ways to optimize how much money you make. At the end of any campaign it is imperative to make sure you are getting your best bang for your buck. You can analyze the results for purposes of understanding and optimizing web traffic, business and market research, and to assess the effectiveness of a web site and marketing efforts.   E-commerce, informational products, service-based industries, and professional services all have unique strategies for separating your lookers from buyers. However lookers can also be referrers so contact us so you know how to segment your leads and apply different campaigns to maximize your profits.


Marketing Strategy

I have developed a system called Food Chain Marketing. It is a concise breakdown of how to use creative content to connect with your potential customers. Each step feeds the next to make sure you become the King/Queen of your jungle.


Portraits, lifestyle, and product images all show your company in its best light. You should integrate photography into all of your forms of visual content.


Commercial quality videos featuring interviews, demonstrations, or pitches add another degree of engagement and professionalism to your business. Also gain exposure with various outlets such as YouTube and Vimeo. Use a business documentary or teaser commercial to connect, explain, and close the deal.

Social Media

Every network isn’t for everybody. There is a strategy to using the right one for your target customer. We help you pick best 2-3 networks for your demographic and optimize your profiles for maximum engagement. Using organic and paid promotion you can quickly build your fan base.

Website Design

I believe web design needs to be simple and serve a purpose. No matter your business, your goal should be to drive traffic to your site and convert that traffic into paying customers. Quality design and a proper conversion methods earns your viewers trust and make it easy for them to give you money.

E-mail Marketing

The most effective way to stay connected with your client base and convert leads is through E-mail Marketing. Automate your sales process, stay top of mind, and have a direct channel of communication with your prospective clients.


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