About KVLmedia.

Our mission is to use media such as photography, video, and design to create marketing campaigns for people. We know the keys to accomplishing your business goals is a 4-step process called…

The I.D.E.A System.

Identity. Distribution. Engagement. Acquisition.

Identity Consultation
Using strategies based on:

  • Michael Porter’s Competitive Advantage
  • The Marketing-Mix aka the 4P’s first coined by Neil Borden
  • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

We develop an identity report that outlines why your company is unique, the benefits of your product/service, and your target market.

Distribution Strategy
How you reach clients is one of the most important aspect of business. KVLmedia specializes in an online distribution strategy. It is the most cost effective and scalable strategy to reach your audience. We target Social Media, SEO, and PPC. We also have unique digital conversion strategies to optimize use of business cards, flyers, and sales people.

Engagement Production
KVLmedia is full service production company. We specialize in Photography, Video, and Design to create ads, commercials, and websites.  The best way to tell your story is to show it so entertainment production is the vision for your brand. First impressions are everything so we make sure you make it a BIG one.

Acquisition Strategy
This is the Marketing Implementation. Using innovative techniques like video marketing we send targeted traffic to an Online Sales Funnel to help you get more leads, customers, and bottom line profits.